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Having been a racing cyclist for over 20 years, I have seen many changes to the sport and my own personal life and so have had to adapt my racing and training accordingly. I therefore understand the importance of a good home/work/social life balance and how important each factor is and what impacts it can have on the others.

From starting as a junior novice racer and progressing through to being at Elite level for the past 10 years, qualifying as a British Cycling Coach and achieving a Diploma in Personal Training/Fitness and Nutrition with a REPS level 3 qualification, I have seen and done most things on the National race scene. Combine that with a family and a full time job and I can fully understand the need for making use of every second and achieving the most that you can with time that you have.


At Pickup Sports Coaching we understand the need to have somebody there you can speak to when you need to. As there are so many factors that can change and affect not just how and when you can train but also how you feel about what and when to train and how you feel about doing it, we are there for you as and when you need to ask anything, not just at a set-pre-arranged point. By then your feelings may have changed, or you may have made a wrong decision about what to do, making a simply resolved situation worse. So, if you have a query, want some clarification on something or just to discuss how it's going, we are here for you.


As everybody is different, so is the level of interaction that each individual needs or requires. We will always have an open doors policy for our athletes to contact us as and when they need to. We also don't demand programmes or forms being returned at set times as we appreciate this is not always possible.The amount and level of ‘set' interaction can be arranged at the original consultation, however we often find this changes as we fall into a comfortable pattern with each individual.


Everybody in any walk of life should have goals to aim for. In sport these are even more important, and setting the right balance between short and long term goals is very important, to help keep focus, enthusiasm and passion throughout the entire season. Short term goals are vital to help climb the steps to great form and peaking for the longer term goal, so getting this right is vital.


Where would you be without feedback? How would you know how you are doing and progressing? With the same respect as being open to communication as and when you need it, our feedback will come not just after a finished programme, but also after any races or sessions or at times when maybe you have been ill or not quite "on it" and just need some reassuring. It will also always be honest and we will say it as we see it, which obviously doesn't always make it right. However, we are open minded and on the same front always appreciate your feedback, to help us improve.


Being honest, not just to yourself but everybody around you is an important aspect in life. There is never any point lying about how much training you have done, how much you weigh or how much power you can put out. In the light of day you are only lying to yourself. On the same subject we will always be honest about where we think you are with your training or progression and what we feel needs to be done to help you progress as far as you can. We will help you either adjust your goals and targets to fit in with more achievable timescales or training loads, or explain why this programme is better than following the one a professional athlete might follow, etc.


Keeping a good balance between family, work, social and training time is so very important. Having families and children ourselves we understand the needs for a good balance to keep everyone happy and also how difficult it can be to squeeze in training and even more get the most out of that time. Not only that, a lot of people push themselves too hard, work long hours, rush to see family, cram in training and generally push and stress themselves too hard. So having a detailed programme offering precise sessions in limited time will also give you great motivation to push yourself that extra bit harder. Sometimes less is definitely more! And don't worry, we will also point out when it's time to just kick back and relax and let your body catch up (although maybe not as often as you would like!).


Having somebody tell you to get out and do some exercise is easy to find. Having somebody explain when to do something, why you are doing it and where it fits in with your goals is a different thing altogether. We believe that having a purpose for every session is vitally important to keep you motivated and ‘wanting' to get out and punish yourself! Knowing why you are doing something, even if it is just a recovery day, is essential to knowing where that fits in to the big picture and gives you a purpose for going out and doing it.

We work on all aspects of motivation, be it for reasons to go out in the freezing cold, to do that extra interval, to think about that hill at the end of that road race whilst you are sat at your desk at work or even reasons to stay at home and take it easy. Keeping it fresh and exciting is the key.


We will always try and meet our athletes, not just for an initial consultation but also at points further down the track, mostly to catch up face to face and to discuss training, racing or programmes but also to build a strong rapport with them and get more of a feeling for what really drives them and gives them the passion to do what they do. Meeting people and chatting face to face can gives us so much more information than any amount of emails. Also, none of our programmes are pre-written, every one is written after meeting an athlete, and with only that athlete in mind.


As hopefully you have discovered from reading this far, at Pickup Sports Coaching we are open minded, flexible and work one on one with each individual depending on their own personal needs and demands. That does not mean, unfortunately, that everybody will get on all the time, so for that reason we do not have any set length contracts or obligations, it will only end up wasting the precious time of both of us. We have many different ways of working together and hopefully one of those will fit in with you!

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